Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Diego Luzuriaga, Sarapangas como vos, 1987

Durée de l'enregistrement : 5 min 30 s.
Instruments : Pour synthétiseur, séquenceur, flûte des Andes, percussion et effets sonores
Réalisé à : Quito, Équateur.
Remarques : Julio Bueno, son; Pablo Valarezo, AtaulfoTobar, Edmundo Vizuete et Nelson Cadena, percussion; Diego Luzuriaga, flûte et synthétiseurs.

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À propos de cette composition :

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Sarapangas como vos, for synthesizer, sequencer, Andean flute, percussion, and sound effects.

I composed this piece in Quito, in 1987, and was premiered on June-30-1987 at the Auditorio del Colegio de Arquitectos de Quito, with Julio Bueno, sound; Pablo Valarezo, AtaulfoTobar, Edmundo Vizuete and Nelson Cadena, percussion; and myself playing the flute and synthesizers.

The piece is based on a two-bar pentatonic theme taken from the celebrations of the summer solstice in the province of Imbabura, that I heard sung with this lyrics: "Ay! Sarapangas como Vos , Ay! onde quiera he d'encontrar". The theme is repeated many times, with different timbres and simple transpositions, creating a tapestry that reminds me of the actual tapestry typical of the Otavalo Indians from that province of Ecuador.

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