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Original manuscripts (unpublished and incomplete) / [Harriet DeLong, Billy Klüver, Simone Forti [et al.]]. — 1971-1973. — [?] p. — The photocopies included in this file corresponds to the original documents found in box 1, folder 1-19 of the serie "Project files, 1966-1992, bulk 1966-1973", of the fonds "Experiments in Art and Technology Records, 1966-1993", Research Library, The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, California (940003). — The Daniel Langlois foundation for Art, Science, and Technology, 9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering fonds.
CR+D Code number : 9 EV B1-C1 / B3-C3

Archives documents
- Document in English
- State in the CR+D Collection : PHOTOCOPY
- Fonds/Collections : 9 Evenings
- This document is included in the file [Documents du fonds Experiments in Art and Technology. Records, 1966-1993, Getty Research Institute, Research Library, Accession no. 940003], 1966-1993.