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«La fondation Daniel Langlois réactive ses programmes = The Daniel Langlois Foundation resumes its programs». — Vox 357 C. — (sept. 2005). — P. 5-7.

Part of a periodical
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- Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science, and Technology (DLF), Montreal

- Catherine Richards, I was scared to death; I could have died of joy, 2000 Reproduction / View: 1 view col
- John Klima, Fish, 2001 Reproduction / View: 1 view col
- David Rokeby, n-Cha(n)t, 2001 Reproduction / View: 1 view col

DLF Projects:
- pr0000028 Catherine Richards : Three new works
- pr0002235 David Rokeby : Common sense gathering and discursive structure for The Giver of Names project