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Kathryn Farley, Generative Systems

Mail-In Mail-Out

Mail-In Mail-Out / Interactive Correspondence
The Mail-In Mail-Out project (1969-70) connected students from Southern Illinois University who resided in Carbondale with participants in Generative Systems courses taking place in Chicago. The purpose of the endeavour was to find an imaginative way of sharing information about workshops, exhibitions and social activities at both institutions. The exchange of information was mediated through postcards, containing complex collages made up of printed photographs, words, illustrations and other types of materials. Dr. Jack Burnham, a faculty member of Northwestern University’s Department of Art, became aware of the project and invited Sheridan to participate in Software, an exhibition he was in the process of assembling for presentation at the Jewish Museum in New York City in the fall of 1970.

Kathryn Farley © 2007 FDL