Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Ricardo Mandolini (Argentina)

Ricardo Mandolini (born in Buenos Aires, 1950) composed extensively with electroacoustic medias. Some of his works are: "Ejercicio CICMAT" for tape, produced at CICMAT in 1977; "El Cuaderno del Alquimista" for tape, produced in Ghent, Belgium in 1979; "Estallido Breve" for tape, produced at EMS, Sweden in 1981; "Círculos Fosforescentes en Fondo Negro" for tape, composed in 1982; "De mi huían los pájaros" in 1983; "Andrómeda" for percussions and tape from 1984; "Las Doradas Manzanas del Sol", produced with the UPIC system in Paris during 1985; "Microrreflexiones", version for tape, produced at GRM in Paris during 1989; "Los enemigos del hombre de conocimiento" for tape, and "La Legende des Clones", both composed in 1995. He has been living in France for many years.

(text updated: October, 2003)

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