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Ricardo Dal Farra

Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection


Close up on one of the electronic oscillators
Hopefully, this text will invite you to begin exploring the wonderful and largely unknown world of music created by hundreds of Latin American composers over the past several decades. I believe the archive will provide useful introductory information about Latin America’s electroacoustic music and composers.

The data included here was taken from bibliographical information, personal and email communication with composers and institutions, and interviews and program notes from concerts and recordings. There is no correlation between the number of lines written and the work achieved by the composers and researchers or the quality and relevance of their achievements. In most cases it was very difficult to collect the data, and it happened frequently that dates and names varied from source to source.

For me, Latin America is synonymous with diversity and cultural richness, but it is also synonymous with a lack of support in terms of documenting and preserving its cultural heritage. I hope my recent actions will bring some positive and interesting results to the community in this respect, and although my contribution may be a mere drop in the ocean, as Lao-Tse said "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."

This is not a finished project. It is a digital musical archive and online database that I hope to be able to maintain and expand through recordings and information, as well as by correcting any unintentional mistakes that might be found. Please make this archive a living project both by using it well and by sending any additional information, suggestions, comments, updates and corrections to my email address: ricardo [at]

Ricardo Dal Farra © 2004 FDL