Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Eduardo Cáceres (Chile)

Eduardo Cáceres (born in Santiago, 1955) composed, among other works, "Encuentros para un fin de siglo" for tape in 1984; "Conga Conga" for two congas, tumba, Lexicon reverb and mixer in 1989; "La otra concertación" for acoustic and electroacoustic voice, electric bass and Indian tablas also in 1989; "Amadeus … líbranos del mal" for piano and tape in 1991; "Sudales" for piano, percussion and tape, "Tubular II. Los Pensamientos" for chromatic bass zampoñas and tape, "Timo" for voices and percussions electronically processed, "Nosferatur" for voices, clarinet, cello, percussions, accessories, piano and processings and "Fausto" for flute, sax, voices, piano, percussion, accessories and processings, all of them in 1992; "Metalmambo" for tape in 1994; "Nomades" for processed sounds, sampler and synthesizer in 1996; and "Lerulerulà " for tape or live electronics in 2000. All works involving electronics were produced by Cáceres at GEMA studio at the Arts Faculty of the University of Chile (Gabinete de Electroacústica para la Música de Arte, Facultad de Artes, Universidad de Chile).

(text updated: october, 2003)

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