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Carlos Fariñas (Cuba)

Carlos Fariñas (born in Cienfuegos, 1934; died in Havana, 2002) was another big name in the Cuban musical world as well as in the international

He started to experiment with electroacoustic medias during the mid 60s. During 1972 he composed "Diálogos", for tape, together with Sergio Barroso. In 1975, commissioned by the National Ballet of Cuba, Fariñas composed "Yagruma" for symphonic orchestra, with 11 percussionists, and electroacoustic medias. During 1976 he presented his electroacoustic piece "Corales" at the Bourges festival, in France.

In 1982 Fariñas developed the first projects about the electroacoustic music studio that was finally approved in 1989. That was the beginning of EMEC (Estudio de Música Electrónica y por Computación) that he directed at ISA - Instituto Superior de Arte (Superior Institute of Art).

Among other pieces, Fariñas composed: "Madrigal", a multimedia for two reciters, dancer, projections, lights and tape in 1980; "Aguas Territoriales" for tape in 1983; "Primer día de Mayo" for tape in 1984; "Impronta" for 4 percussionist, piano and tape in 1985; "Cuarzo - Variaciones fractales" in 1991, and "Orbitas elípticas" in 1993, both computer assisted electroacoustic music works.

Carlos Fariñas realized "Cuarzo - Variaciones fractales" at EMEC/ISA working with the "Musical Fractals" software developed by Rubén Hinojosa from the Software Group of EMEC (EmecSoft). "Orbitas Elípticas" was also realized at EMEC, this time working with "Orbis Musicae", provisional name of an algorithmic compositional software also developed in Cuba.

(text updated: October, 2003)

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