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Antonio Russek (Mexico)

Antonio Russek (born in Torreón, Coahuila, in 1954) has been working with music and electronics for over 25 years in Mexico.

He founded the Centro Independiente de Investigación Musical y Multimedia - CIIMM (Musical and Multimedia Research Independent Centre) in Mexico, during the 80s. In collaboration with the group AlbercaArtes A.C. Russek founded the Laboratorio Multimedia (Multimedia Lab) in Cuernavaca, Mexico, 2003.

He has been professor of Music and Technology at the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos (Morelos State Autonomous University) since 2004.

Russek has an extensive catalog of electroacoustic, mixed and live electronic works for concert, and has also created sound sculptures and installations, radiophonic pieces, and music for dance and theatre as well. He has composed, among other works: "Atmósfera 1", concrète music on tape in 1977; "Estudio Electrónico No.1" for electronic sounds on tape in 1979; "Aleaciones 1" for electronic sounds on tape in 1980, with Samir Menaceri; "Estudio Electrónico No.2" for electronic sounds on tape, also in 1980; "Para espacios abiertos" for tape and 8 speakers, to be performed on open spaces, in 1981; "Reincidencias" for tape, produced at CENIDIM with the analog Buchla synthesizer, and "Summermood" for amplified bass flute with real time electroacoustic processings, both also in 1981; "Coexistencias" for prepared piano and tape in 1984, with Mario Lavista; "Discursos" for actor and tape, also in 1984; "Canon al aire" for 8 timpanis and tape in 1985; "Conjetura (Estudio para computadora No. 5)" for tape in 1986; "A toute vitesse" for tape in 1988, created with the UPIC system in Paris, France; "Luz de invierno" for cello with real time electroacoustic processings and tape, in 1988 too; "Ohtzalan" for electronic sounds on tape in 1990; "Diez miniaturas" for tape between 1980 and 1990; "Concretando" for tape in 1993; "Viernes Santo" for CD in 1997, realized at LIEM in Madrid, Spain; "Babel de nuevo" for CD in 1998; "Siete laberintos de cristal" for electronic sounds on CD, and "Música del Desierto" for percussion and electroacoustic system, both in 1999; “LU” for eight tracks audio system in 2001; “Divertimento I” for electronically synthesized sounds and digital samples in 2002; “En Círculos I and “En Círculos II” for a real time/interactive music system, both in 2003; and “De Cuerpo Entero”, sonic portrait, in 2004.

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