Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

alcides lanza, penetrations II (1969-IV), 1969

Recording time: 12 min 24 s.
Instruments: For wind(s), string(s), percussion and keyboard instruments, with voices, electronic sounds and electronic extensions.
Recorded at: Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Studio. New York, United States.
Remarks: Redpath Hall, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

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About this composition:

Written for the composers/performers group. Premiered by the c/pg iat Marymount College, in Tarrytown, NY, March 12, 1970.

The first version was only a text-description of three easy to memorize shapes. Subsequently, the composer wrote down a version with the corresponding drawings, including 'Letraset' lettering.

This version is now published by SHELAN. Like several of the 'penetrations' series, the tape sounds were derived from materials collected and assemble for the show 'SOUND", organized by the Museum of Contemporary Crafts in NYC. Lanza's contribution, was a light and sound show utilizing the lNew York lights in office buildings -mainly the Bronffma an Building, situated at Park Ave. and 51st, the well known Mies Van der Rohe building. The light and sound show although, was never performed. As a concert piece, penetrations II is a favorite among lanza's pieces.