Workshops with Yvonne Spielmann


Robert CahenRobert Cahen
Robert Cahen’s work with video first developed as the result of his studies of electroacoustic composition.
Ed EmshwillerEd Emshwiller
With Sunstone, Ed Emshwiller developed one of the earliest computer animation works in the Computer Graphics Lab.
Granular SynthesisGranular Synthesis
The Austrian group Granular Synthesis focuses on the interrelationship and transformation of image and sound elements.
Gary HillGary Hill
Gary Hill believes it fundamental to deconstruct video on all possible levels in order to articulate an electronic language.
Nan HooverNan Hoover
Nan Hoover, initially trained in fine arts, has worked in video since the early 1970s.
The group Jodi ‘scratch’ computers and deconstructs what is already installed on the computer.
Joan JonasJoan Jonas
Video used in Joan Jonas’s work is integrated into a broader concept of performance.
David LarcherDavid Larcher
David Larcher has focused on radically deconstructing image information into an ‘emptied image’ that is ‘video void’.
Nam June PaikNam June Paik
Korean musician and composer Nam June Paik made his mark as the most prominent video pioneer.
Bill SeamanBill Seaman
The work of Bill Seaman evolves in the context of an already developed aesthetic language of video.
John F. Simon, Jr.John F. Simon, Jr.
Every Icon by John Simon Jr. presents the matrix of every image in endless variability.
David StoutDavid Stout
David Stout, who studied with Ed Emshwiller, works with interactive media forms.
Stan VanDerBeekStan VanDerBeek
Beginning in the 1960s, Stan VanDerBeek worked with multiple projections on movable screens.
John and James WhitneyJohn and James Whitney
Using abstract film and computers, John and James Whitney experimented with image and perception from the 1940s to the 1960s.