Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Javier Garavaglia (Argentina)

Javier Garavaglia (born in Buenos Aires, 1960) composed among other works: "AM STEG (Spaces)" for stereo Tape between 1993 and 1996; "pizz " for quadraphonic tape in 1993; "Gegensätze (gegenseitig)" for alto flute (G), quadraphonic tape and live-electronics in 1994; "Arte Poética (I)" and "Arte Poética (II. Stanza)" , both works for quadraphonic tape, based on the poem "Arte poética" by Jorge Luis Borges, and from 1995; "Spectral Colours" for ensemble and tape, "Arte Poética (stanzas III to VII)" for quadraphonic tape, and "Contraries (resonances)" for alto flute, quadraphonic tape and live-electronics, during 1996; "T.A.T (a man's life)" for 4 tracks tape, viola, bass-clarinet and live-electronics, during 1997-1998; "COLOR-CODE", music for the concert-installation "Color Code", for 4 tracks tape, viola, live-electronics (using MAX/MSP) and computer generated graphics on two canvas, in 1998; "Poppekstive" for 8 tracks tape in 1999; "NUANCES" for orchestra and electronics, and "GRANULAR GONG" for 8 tracks tape, both in 2000; "INTERZONES (A/E-B)" for accordion, electric bass and 6 tracks tape in 2001; "INTERZONES (A/E-B), second version, for piano, double bass and electronics during 2001-2002; "NINTH" music for viola and computer, in 2002.

He was living in Germany from 1990 to 2002 and is now living in the UK.

(text updated: March, 2003)

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