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Raúl Pavón (Mexico)

Raúl Pavón (born in Mexico City, 1930), engineer and composer, was a real pioneer of electrocoustic medias and music in Mexico.

He was technical director of the first Electronic Music Lab in Mexico, created as part of the Composition Workshop at the National Conservatory of Music. With Héctor Quintanar as the artistic director, this laboratory started its activities in January of 1970. Modular Buchla and Moog synthesizers were part of the equipment.

Pavón started to promote the use of electronic musical instruments in his country years before that first studio was built. He even built a synthesizer during the 60s, the Omnifón.

He also composed some works, as: "Fantasía Cósmica" for film, transparencies and electronic music, from 1982; "Suite icofónica", a mixedmedia piece from 1983; "Una antifantasía" from 1986, "Fantasía de la muerte" from 1987, and "Fantasía abstracta" from 1989, all pieces for visual medias and music on tape.

Raúl Pavón also wrote during the early 80s one of the first original books in Spanish about electronic music: "La Electrónica en la Música … y en el Arte" ("Electronics in Music … and the Arts", published in 1981 by CENIDIM).

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