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Roberto Morales-Manzanares (Mexico)

Roberto Morales-Manzanares (born in Mexico City, 1958) have been working extensively in the computer music field, composing, researching and performing too.

Among other works he composed: "Agua derramada" for synthesizers and tape, and "Jabirú" for Chamula harp, tape and synthesizer in 1984; "Sombras" for synthesizer, and "Relámpagos azules" for flute, percussion, synthesizer and tape in 1986; "Shidve" for Shyntesizers and computer, and "Nahual II" for Chamula harp, synthesizers and computer or CD in 1990; "Servicio a Domicilio" for piano, synthesizer and computer in 1991; "Mineral de Cata" for pre-hispanic flutes and computer in 1993; "Nueva" for computer and disklavier in 1994; "Desvelo" for orchestra and computer or DAT in 1996; "La Travesía" for orchestra and tape in 1997; "Murmullo a voces" for tape, and "Pellegrina" for CD and concert guitar in 1998; Cort's Patch for flute and computer, and "Concierto No.1 para contrabajo, computadora y orquesta" for double bass, computer and orchestra in 1999.

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