Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Martín Fumarola, In-movile, 1992-1993

Recording time: 6 min 46 s.
Instruments: Tape

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About this composition:

"In-Movile" was produced during the years 1992 and 1993 in the Laboratory of Electroacoustic Music of the National University of Córdoba (Argentina).

The main idea of the piece is based on the compositional theory of the "non-evolutive mobility". In a foreground there is always movement and change but in a brackground all remains statical and in "the same place". This implies a permanent duality in the development of the work resulting in moments of strong density.
That particular way of composing was used by several composers and in very different forms. In this work there is a particular compositional use of the timbres, for example either superposing short and cutting sounds (above all in the high range) with long and static ones, or when similar timbres coexist. The work is divided in three macrosections, each one exploiting distinct forms of temporal statism.

Practically all timbres were created from scratch utilizing a YAMAHA DX7 synthetiser and a YAMAHA TG77 tone generator. The original recording was totally analogue and no computer was used.

This composition was premmiered in the "IX Semana Nacional de los Medios y la Música Electroacústica", which was held at La Recoleta Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires in 1993. In 1994 it was performed in the "II Festival de Compositores Latinoamericanos Ciudad de Quito", carried out in Ecuador, and in the radio programme "Música y Tecnología" that is curated by the composer Ricardo Dal Farra. Recently, it was selected for the "VI Florida Annual Electroacoustic Music Festival", developed in Gainisville (USA) in April 1997.