Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Eduardo Kusnir, La Panadería, 1970

Recording time: 8 min 51 s.
Instruments: For tape
Recorded at: Instituto Di Tella. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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About this composition:

Before springing to life in Buenos Aires, "La Panadería" -my first electronic work- existed under another name in the form of an instrumental piece written in non-conventional graphic notation (graphic designs which were similar to an electrocardiogram). This allowed me to concentrate on the sound materials and their creation, since the structural form already existed. Also, the possibility arose to use the original graphic score of the "old Panadería" in the creation of new sound materials. This was possible due to a system invented by the engineer Fernando von Reichenbach which converted images into sound. "La Panadería" is a work based on motives and musical cells that are repeated, varied and mixed together. During the composition of the "Panadería", I recall thinking of a small loaf of bread which represented a musical motive. It was then that the title occurred to me and, thus, allowed me to give a "bread space" or "bakery" the chance to become music...and a part of Lily .

Created at the Instituto Di Tella , Buenos Aires, Argentina.