Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Victor Lazzarini, Noite, 1995

Recording time: 4 min 19 s.

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About this composition:

Victor Lazzarini

This piece is a setting of some fragments of poetry by the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, from the book Ficções do Interlúdio III, Poemas de Álvaro de Campos. The text consists of imagery associated with the night:

Na noite terrível, substância natural de todas as noites
Na noite de insônia, substância natural de todas as minhas noites
Noite igual por dentro ao silêncio, noite
Com as estrelas lantejoulas rápidas
No teu vestido franjado de infinito
Nesta noite em que não durmo e o sossêgo me cerca
Como uma verdade de que não partilho
e lá fora o luar, como a esperança que não tenho, é invisível
pr'a mim.

The piece has a straightforward structure (according to Lazzarini) based on the three stanze of the text, which constitute well-defined blocks, followed by musical commentaries. The whole piece works as a diminuendo, starting from a dramatic setting of the first verses and ending with the serenity of the last words being whispered.

Noite was composed at the University of Nottingham's electroacoustic music studio, in England. It was fully produced on the PC486 DX2 computer running the Composer's Desktop Project (CDP) software. Most of the sounds were sourced from readings of the text, eventually processed using Mark Dolson's Phase Vocoder and Trevor Wishart's spectral manipulation software. Other sounds were synthesised using the Csound synthesis package.

There is also a second version of this piece for tape, live electronics and orchestra. It integrates a larger work, Magnificat.