Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Arturo Rodas, Tutti Frutti : from The Book of the Orchestra: BESTIARIO, 2003

Recording time: 10 min 23 s.
Instruments: For piano and CD

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About this composition:

About "Bestiary", Rodas explains:
"It consists in a set of electroacoustic pieces which can be seen as commentaries on the acoustic soli from another set. The later, called "Fauna", being a collection of solo pieces for most of the instruments of the orchestra. Both sets form a cycle called "The book of the orchestra". The electroacoustic pieces articulate the acoustic pieces. In other words, "Bestiary" articulates "Fauna" and the two sets become "The book of the Orchestra".

The form is akin to Mussorgsky's "Pictures at an exhibition" in which the pictures are articulated by the promenades. The difference is that, in my work, the "pictures" are played by various instruments and the "promenades" are electronic thoughts on the "pictures". As it is the case with Mussorgsky's work, most of the pieces (pictures) can also be played separately.
The soli in "Fauna" are: one piece for piccolo; one piece for flute in C; one piece for flute in G; three pieces for B flat clarinet; two pieces for oboe; one piece for english horn; one piece for B flat bass clarinet; one piece for bassoon; one piece for Contrabassoon; one piece for trumpet piccolo in D; one piece for B flat trumpet; one piece for tenor trombone; one piece for tuba; one piece for violin; and one piece for viola (still to be done or in process: pieces for violoncello, vibraphone and timpani).