Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection

Juan Reyes, Wadi Musa (or the Monteria Hat), 2001

Recording time: 10 min 49 s.

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About this composition:

Wadi Musa or the Valley of Moses was the city of the Nabateans some centuries ago. A "rose-red city half as old as time," where sand has witnessed unconscious listeners of the whisper of dessert creatures, wind, and water. Well deep there, two thousand and one steps below, there is the Monteria Hat, a curious object indeed.

This is a composition for Quenas (Andean pan flutes), Cello and Physical Models of Maracas and Clarinet. The Maracas belong to special breed of models developed by Perry Cook called PHISM (Physically Inspired Sonic Modeling). The polyrhythms are the result of combinations somewhat chaotic between the shake rate, seed quantity and size of shell, thus inspired by the Monteria Hat.