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Vishal Rawlley

Researcher in Residence OBORO (2007)

Legend of the Sea Lord

From March to May 2007, Mumbai artist Vishal Rawlley participated in the research and experimentation residency at OBORO’s MediaLab. As an art, design and media practitioner based in Mumbai, Vishal Rawlley's work largely concerns the propagation and preservation of various indigenous urban art forms and artistic practices in the city of Mumbai.

His project, Legend of the Sea Lord, seeks to generate public empathy and raise awareness about the water ecology of Mumbai by using a creative mix of technology and mythology. Envisioned as a seaside amusement located on the beach, The Legend of the Sea Lord project will provide a public voice message box to generate public interaction and dialogue, coupled with a synchronised light installation.

During his residency, Rawlley sought to develop the audio-visual spectacle of his project and its main technical components by experimenting with telecommunication technology, electronics, and wireless signalling.

Having originally begun The Legend of the Sea Lord as a single work, Rawlley now sees his project as belonging to a larger series called VoiceWave, to which he will also apply the voicemail technology developed during his residency.

The residency program (Research and Experimentation Residency in Montreal for Professional Artists from Emerging Countries or Regions) is jointly offered by the Daniel Langlois Foundation and OBORO, a centre dedicated to production and presentation of art, contemporary practices and new media.

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