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Eduardo Reck Miranda (Brésil)

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Eduardo Reck Miranda (born in Porto Alegre, 1963) is a researcher and composer.

As researcher his main areas of work are: sound-based communication systems (origins of intonation systems in languages; emotion in computer speech; automatic language identification systems; robot communication), formerly developed at SONY Computer Science Lab Paris; music and the brain (non-gestural music control using brainwaves; neurocompatible interfaces; neural networks); music and artificial intelligence (sound design systems; intelligent synthesizers; knowledge representation; symbolic machine learning), formerly conducted at University of Edinburgh; and evolutionary music (granular synthesis; algorithmic composition; origins of music), developed at Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre, Glasgow University and the SONY Computer Science Lab Paris.

Eduardo Reck Miranda published several books about music and new technologies: "Computer Sound Synthesis for the Electronic Musician", Focal Press, Oxford, United Kingdom, 1998 (with software on the accompanying CD-ROM); "Musica y nuevas tecnologias: Perspectivas para el siglo XXI", L'Angelot, Barcelona, Spain, 1999; "Readings in Music and Artificial Intelligence", Harwood Academic Publishers, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2000; "Composing Music with Computers", Focal Press, 2001 (includes software on the accompanying CD-ROM); and "Computer Sound Design: Synthesis Techniques and Programming", also by Focal Press, 2002 (with software on the accompanying CD-ROM too).

Among other works, Miranda composed: "Noises", electroacoustic solo piece from 1992; "The Turning of the Tide" forprepared violin and electroacoustics from 1992; "Electroacoustic Samba II", "Electroacoustic Samba III" and "Electroacoustic Samba IX", electroacoustic solo pieces from 1993-1995; "Deep Resonance" and "Italo Calvino takes Jorge Borges on a taxi journey in Berlin" both electroacoustic solo works from 1993; "Aquarium", electroacoustic piece from 1999; "Olivine Trees", electroacoustic music from 1994; "The Flying Scotsman", "Goma Arábica" and "Electroacoustic Samba IX", all three electroacoustic works from 1995; "Requiem per una veu perduda" for electroacoustics on tape, mezzo-soprano and live electronics, from 1997; "Grain Streams" for electroacoustics on tape, piano and live electronics, from 1999; "Sacre Conversazione" for electroacoustics on tape, voice quartet and live electronics, from 2000; "Le Jardin de Jérôme", electroacoustic music from 2001.

Miranda lives at present in England where he is Head of Computer Music Research and Reader in Artificial Intelligence and Music at the School of Computing, Communication and Electronics, University of Plymouth.

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