Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Nilo Velarde Chong (Pérou)

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Nilo A. Velarde Chong: studied composition at the National Conservatory in Lima, Peru.

In 1995 he premiered his work “Glissando 5” composed within the Electronic Music Workshop held at the National Conservatory, in Peru.

Among other works, Nilo Velarde Chong premiered: “Místico”, electronic music realized using sound samples produced with the human body, August 2001 (commissioned by “Cuerpos Pintados” from Chile); and “Clarinelec” for clarinet and tape, on May 2004, performed by Javier Nuñez during the “Contacto” Electronic Music Festival held in Lima.

Currently he teaches Harmony, Analysis, Jazz Harmony and Instrumental Arranging at the National Conservatory in Lima, and Jazz Harmony and Musical Arranging at Orson Welles Institute, as part of the Sound Engineering program.

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