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Cecilia Candia (Argentine)

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Cecilia Candia (born in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, 1959) composed among other works: "Tintas" for oboe and tape in 1991; "Del Big-Bang a la Torre de Babel" for piano and tape in 1996; "El círculo de piedra", with Ana Foutel, for piano and tape in 1997; and the music on tape for the musical theatre "Ecos del proceso sonoro de K", for instruments and tape, a piece she directed in 2000. All tapes were realized by Candia in his personal studio in Buenos Aires, except that for "Tintas", realized in a recording studio in Rome, Italy.

Candia was also part of the experimental group "Compañía de Música Imaginaria", with Myriam Belfer, Javier Mariani, Ana Foutel, Miguel Luchilo, Alejndro Labastía and Marcelo Cavalli, that performed and recorded improvised pieces like: "ID2" for oboe, clarinet, piano, EPS and K2000; "Köchenseq" for recorder, sampler delay, EPS and K2000; "Pieza 1 - 1993" for three EPS; "Trío" for piano, clarinet and Poly 800; "ID3" for voice, clarinet, EPS and K2000; and "Mininga" for voice, EPS and two K2000; among other works.

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