Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Eduardo Flores Abad (Équateur)

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Ecuadorian composer Eduardo Flores Abad (born in Guayaquil, 1960) graduated in Germany at Folkwang-Hochschule.

During several years Flores was visiting professor at the Conservatory of the State University Dokus Eylül at Smyrna city, Turkey. In 2004 he returned to Germany.

Among other works he composed: "Los amantes" for stereo tape in 1993; also on that same year "Cuatro piedras", "Las consecuencias" and "Ojo mirando la fiesta por un hueco", originally integrated under the title "La tentación de Antonio" as a three parts dance and tape work ("Las consecuencias" was revised in 1994 changing spatialization and reverb factors); "Ritmo en el ritmo" for quad tape in 1994; "Taleas" for quad tape in 1995-1996; "A ras del cuero #1" for stereo tape in 2000-2001; "A ras del cuero #3" for cello and stereo electroacoustics in 2001; and "Líneas Flotantes" for alto sax and quad electroacoustics in 2002.

He also wrote some music software like "Edita 1.0", "FModula" and "LogFunk", originally to be used in his own classes there.

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