Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Rajmil Fischman (Pérou)

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Rajmil Fischman (born in Lima, 1956) left his native land to study and develop his musical career out of Latin America, in his case mainly in Israel and England, where he is living now.

Fischman studied electrical engineering as well as composition, and has been working with computer media since the mid 80's. He composed: "Spacezoo" for computer generated tape in 1988; "Los Dados Eternos", for oboe, tape and real time processing in 1991; "Dreams of Being" in 1991 and "Sin Los Cuatro" in 1994, both for tape; "Cold Fire" in 1994, "The Day After …" in 1995 and "Dance Suite" in 1996, all three pieces for string quartet and tape; "Alma Latina" in 1996-1997, "Beikvot Havolcano" (joint composition with Israeli Tsippi Fleischer) in 1997, "Barren Lands" also in 1997, and "Kol HaTorr" in 1998, "Erwin's Playground", "And I Think to Myself …", both in 2001, "A Short Tale" in 2002, all of them for tape; "No Me Quedo ... (plantado en este verso)" for saxophone, basson, violoncello, percussion and tape in 2000, among other pieces.

Being also a researcher, Fischman wrote articles like "Music for the Masses", published in 1994 by Journal of New Music Research (Swets & Zeitlinger, Netherlands); "A Systematic Approach to the Analysis of Music for Tape", published in 1995 on the Proceedings of the International Computer music Conference at Banff, Canada; followed by "Analysis of Crosstalk, a work by Michael Vaughan" and "The Phase Vocoder: Theory and Practice", both published in 1997 by Organised Sound (Cambridge University Press, UK); "Global Village - Local Universe", published in 1999 by Leonardo Music Journal (The MIT Press, USA); "Derivation of Organic Musical Structure and Materials from the Solution of Differential Equations" (MRI Press, USA) and "Application of Mathematical Models to the Generation of Organic Musical Structure and Discourse in Composition: Research Summary", published in 2002 on the Proceedings of the International Computer music Conference at Göteborg, Sweden. He also contributed with two chapters, "A Tutorial Survey of 'Classic' Synthesis Techniques" and "Multiband Processing with Time-varying Filters" to "The Csound Book" and accompanying CD-ROM edited by Richard Boulanger and published in 2000 (The MIT Press, USA).

His technical background allowed him to work also on the deep roots of computer music developing software such as "CDPDESK1 - CDP Desktop program" and "GRAPHLIB - CDP Graphics Library and manual" in 1987, "MAESTRO1 - SoundMaestro for CD production. Version 1" in 1988, "KEELEDESK", a compositional environment for the manipulation and processing of soundfiles in 1991 (this project includes and integrates the research and development carried out by Digital Music Technology students at Keele University); AL - Algorithmic Composition Graphics Environment - and ERWIN - COM plug-in for granular synthesis using the statistical distributions obtained from Schröedinger's quantum mechanics equation for a potential with spherical symmetry in 2001, produced with the support of the UK Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB) and distributed as public domain software; as well as miscellaneous programs for musical signal processing.

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