Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Jônatas Manzolli, Caminhantes, 2002

Durée de l'enregistrement : 6 min 30 s.
Instruments : Pour bande

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- Biographie de Jônatas Manzolli
- Compositions par Jônatas Manzolli

Acerca de la obra :

Trilogy Brazilian Soundscapes

Since 1999, Jônatas Manzolli has been invited to compose and produce the overture of the International Folklore Festival in Olímpia, SP. This event is hold by the International CIOFF-Unesco Organization and every year there is a large public attending the opening, around nine thousand people (9,000). Given this environment the compositional idea was to create large-scale pieces structured to multimedia performances. In 1999, "Etnias" for chamber orchestra, chorus, dance and images was the first piece, it was followed by "Objetos Afetos" for poem, dance and images and "Caminhantes" for dance, images, 04 French horns and percussion. After the large-scale multimedia performance, the composer reviewed these three compositions in version for Tape solo.

Caminhantes, tape solo version (2002)

Caminhantes (Portuguese for Walkers) brings to the listener a strong rhythmic pattern. This pattern is explored in the stereo field producing complex texture with sampled sounds. The samples were taken from several Brazilian folk rhythms and they were transformed using stretching techniques. Caminhantes invites the listener to walk and dance following the rhythmic realm of the piece.

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