Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

alcides lanza, ektenes I (1985-III), 1985

Durée de l'enregistrement : 12 min 51 s.
Instruments : Pour Columbine et Amaranth (bande en option)
Réalisé à : Studio du compositeur (Studio SHELAN) et EMS de l'université McGill. Montréal, QC, Canada.
Remarques : Gayle Young, interpète; Columbine et Amaranth, deux intruments musicaux conçus et fabriqués par Gayle Young. Le Columbine est un type de percussion fait de tubes en acier avec un accordage de tempérament inégal. L'Amaranth est un type koto d'instrument à cordes également avec un accordage de tempérament inégal.

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À propos de cette composition :

[Traduction française non disponible]
ektenes I [1985-III], for Columbine and Amaranth, with optional tape part.

ektenes I [1985-III] was written as a request from Gayle Young, instrument builder from Toronto.

Ms. Young developed these two instruments, Columbine and Amaranth, described as follows:
Columbine: a Xylophone type instrument, made out of specially tuned aluminum tubes. The tuning is microtonal, in a scale of frequencies
not including octaves: 279, 327, 466, ….up to 1532 Hz.
Amaranth: a Koto type instrument, with strings organized as follows: group of 3 wound strings, one bridge; group of 7 open strings; group of
7 strings, one bridge; group of 7 strings, 2 bridges. In the uppermost registers, two ‘clouds’ short sections of strings, very high pitched around a central note. The tuning includes a combination of exactly tuned strings and imprecise tuning. Additionally, the groups of 7
strings are tuned microtonally from “a” to “c”.

Ektene: also ectene, synapte [Gk. Ektenés: extended, abundant, to prolong]
Synapte: in Eastern China, a Litany.
Litany: a ceremonial liturgical form of prayer, consisting of a series of invocxations or supplications, with responses that are repeated a number of times.

The tape part is optional. The score include instructions for the performer describing the realization of the tape part. The performer
must do his/her own recording, utilizing the same instruments intended for the public performance. A resume of the instruction for the
realization is:
Recording of three [indicated] segments of the score
Creation of one stereo tape loop
Production of final tape in the given order of segments and repeats, including requested silences and superimposition of tracks, with speed and dynamic changes [tape to be used for Cue 1 and Cue 2.
Production of looped material: multiplying speed by a factor of 2; use of speed variation, etc. To be used as Cue 3, near the end of the piece.

ektenes I can also be played using instruments other than the Colujmbine and Amaranth. Best suited will be percussion instruments.
The performer, in this case, must also follow instructions for the realization of the tape part.
ektenes I was commissioned by Gayle Young with a grant from the Ontario Arts Council.

The piece was premiered by Ms. Gayle Young in the Elektra Concert Series [Rodman Hall Arts Center, St. Catherines, Ontario, October 16,

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