Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Carlos Vázquez, El Encanto de la Noche Tropical I: El Yunque, 1993
(Porto Rico)

Durée de l'enregistrement : 8 min 04 s.
Instruments : Bande
Réalisé à : Studio privé, San Juan de Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico.

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"El Encanto de la Noche Tropical I; El Yunque" ("The Enchantment of the Tropical Night I; El Yunque")

This work was composed for the VI International Electroacoustic Music Festival of Varadero, Cuba, in 1993. It is the first of a series to be dedicated to the tropical forests, their nocturnal enchantment, to how they try to recover during the night from the harm done by man during the day. This first one is dedicated to Puerto Rico's most important tropical forest, "El Yunque". It features the sound of a Puerto Rican famous little frog known as "coqu" (coh-kee). This work was created in a private studio in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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