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Kalinago Barana (Sea) Stories & Conservation Project


Kalinago Territory, Dominica

Indigenous stories are our first environmental lessons. The sea is our sustenance and connector and the power of storytelling is central in Caribbean heritage and cultural survival. In sharing stories, we connect the past to the present, and can generate stories about the future. If our children can imagine their futures, they are better able to shape it.

Aims & Objectives

  1. Preserve Kalinago cultural heritage that relates to the sea.
  2. Explore present-day sea-related stories and storytelling (how are they being kept alive or passed on to younger generations).
  3. Strengthen traditional ways of preserving cultural heritage and storytelling.
  4. Increase sea/environmental activities with creativity.


  1. Audio recordings of Kalinago sea-related stories, myths and legends as they are shared/retold in 2021.
  2. Documentation or recordings of present sea practices (boatbuilding, fishing etc.) and creation of new sea-related stories in a creative/writing workshop.
  3. Community review of local sea activities, and ideas for improvements.

All of these objectives and outcomes were met but the emphasis, time and costs for performance, ceremony and formal events were underestimated. As a result, the digital storage of the results of the project, with access made available for community members, will be completed by the Karina Cultural Group, who holds these materials in trust for the Kalinago Community.

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