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Kalinago Barana (Sea) Stories & Conservation Project

Storytelling Workshop

Open Day & Presentation, April 17th, 2021, Salybia Primary School

Salybia Primary School with exhibition of some cultural items on display. Courtesy Karina Cultural Group © 2021.

The community event began with a ceremony that included:

  • Welcome Remarks from the Dominica National Youth Council Kalinago
    Representative, Adicia Burton (also workshop participant).
  • Program Overview and Impressions: Marianna Sanford
  • Cultural Importance: Gerard Langlais
  • A presentation on Kalinago history and culture: Dr Lennox Honeychurch
  • Testimonials of some youth participants who expressed their thanks to the organizers
    and their experience as:

    • “Now the importance of the sea is written and immortalized for others to pick up the torch.”
    • “It was fun, it got the job done. We are Kalinago.”
    • “A dream come true. I always wanted to learn about the Kalinago culture and language.”
    • “Very important and educational - should be continued.”

Certificates of participation were presented to the youth by Miranda Langlais:

Certificate presented to Keyanna Darroux and Lynna Burton. Courtesy Celia Sorhaindo & Karina Cultural Group © 2021.

The general sentiment from the presentation and exhibited cultural items by community members was of great interest. They would want to see more unique items displayed, especially the traditional hooks made out of conch shells and Cali, used for catching fish.

Plaques of appreciation were awarded to the interviewees/elders by Gerard Langlais:

Plaque presented to Napoleon Sanford and Noel Valmond. Courtesy Celia Sorhaindo & Karina Cultural Group © 2021.

The attendance was great (about forty persons) and the community appreciated what was presented, especially the story, dance and skit by the students.

Presentations of the results of the workshop were well received by community members and they are requesting more like this so they too can become more culturally conscious of their heritage.

Video of the Open Day Ceremony & Presentation:

Oonya Kempadoo © 2021 FDL