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Kalinago Barana (Sea) Stories & Conservation Project


An introduction to the project from Marianna Sanford, Secretary of the Karina Cultural Group: as presented to the Kalinago Community at the Opening Ceremony for the workshop phase of the project, on April 6, 2021, at the Salybia Primary School.

Mabrika! (Good day!)

The Karina Cultural Group is indeed pleased to be able to collaborate with the Naniki Project along with several other key stakeholders in undertaking such an exciting initiative, the Naniki – Kalinago Barana (Sea) Stories and Conservation Project.

This initiative we believe will serve as a driving force for us as a people to truly begin the proper documentation of the various aspects of our rich and unique cultural patrimony by our own people.

To date, the project has already identified key resource persons in the community including 13 very artistically talented Kalinago youths. These young persons, working in small groups, have already interviewed persons who have a wealth of knowledge about this particular aspect of Kalinago culture and how the sea influenced everyday life of our forefathers back then.

In getting ready for this aspect of the project, participants were exposed to basic but important social research skills which were required for the information collection phase. Following this, the participants will continue working in small groups during the next three days in analyzing the information collected with a view to showcase this information in various artistic forms. This will include art, poetry, song, music, dance among other artistically art forms in an open day to which the public is invited to visit.

Among the other expected results are:

  1. The project will provide the participants with critical skills in the conducting of research for information collection.

  2. Generate greater awareness of and appreciation for the rich and unique Kalinago cultural heritage.

  3. Document the Kalinago stories related to the sea, explore sea-related stories and traditional practices that are environmental in nature.

  4. Increase sea/environmental awareness with creative writing and storytelling in all of its forms including oral storytelling, song and dance.

  5. Assist in the development of the artistic skills of the participants and our people on a whole.

Indeed, the Karina Cultural Group is humbled but at the same time is very enthusiastic to be involved in such a needed venture, one which has the potential to generate far reaching positive outcomes for our community as it relates to documenting and the prudent utilization of our cultural heritage for the socio-economic development of our people. It is our fervent hope that some very exciting initiatives will emanate from this project as we do know, our community yearns for these interventions.

The project is spearheaded by Oonya Kempadoo (of some Arawak heritage from Guyana, now residing in Canada) and made possible with the financial assistance of the Daniel Langlois Foundation, with in-kind support from several community organizations and firms.

Ayahora! (Thank you!)

Marianna Sanford © 2021 FDL