Musique électroacoustique latino-américaine

Martín Fumarola, Callejuelas, 1996

Durée de l'enregistrement : 8 min 18 s.
Instruments : Bande
Réalisé à : Laboratorio de Informática y Electrónica Musical del Centro para la Difusión de la Música Contemporánea (LIEM-CDMC), Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid, Espagne.

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À propos de cette composition :

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The general idea as well as most of the composition procedures utilized in the work refer to the multiple possibilities to face "all those small, narrow, interrupted, intercrossed and curve streets" of both the old part and the downtown of Madrid. Algorithmic composition techniques used are directly related to the different ways in which a hike can be realized through those streets.
Synthesis techniques employed are the following: physic models of plucked strings and FM. The piece was produced using composition language Common Music/Stella by Rick Taube, the Music Kit of the NeXT and the RT program for mixing by Paul Lansky. All the processing was done in a NeXT Cube computer. The work was composed at the LIEM Studios in Madrid from May until July 1996 thanks to a scholarship granted by the Spanish government.

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